Eating what you serve

For a while now we have recommended having a blog as a very good option to having a brochure web site. Well it is time for us to take our own advice.

A web based application is another creature, it has to do other things, it has to transact, it has to calculate, it has to search, it has to stand and deliver, it has to think(ish) or at least simulate thought patterns and decisions quicker than we do, it has to make links between odd bits of disparate information, it has to trawl big lumps of data. The one thing it does not have to do is to have conversations and tell stories, that is our job, it may help us to do that … but …

Blogs, and other social media, allow us to do this conversational stuff reasonably well, not as well as when two of us are sat across a table or in any other non digital environment but that is, as they say, another story.

We have taken our own advice and used a blog as our primary public facing web presence.

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